About Us

About Us

Ghazali Premier High School/College, Lahore is one of the most prestigious educational institutions of its kind in Pakistan. GPC is a project of Ghazali Education Trust. GPC offer fully Scholarship from class 8 to intermediate for deserving students on limited seats.

GPC Established in 2012, it has retained its character over the years, maintaining the public school tradition of providing an education that uses academics, sports and co-curricular activities as tools for character development.

The initial emphasis, when it was founded, it was only for the needy students, more suited to an egalitarian mix of pupils drawn from all parts of our country. Today, our more then 200 pupils are representative of all areas of Pakistan and truly reflective of the demographic mix of our nation.

Our College has one of the most enviable campuses in the country, spread over almost 2 acres in the outside of the city.Our College also provides boarding facilities for up to 200 out-station students in school.

Our College prides itself.Equally significant, Ghazalians have made and continue to make their mark in every sphere of our society. The nascent potential and contribution by future Ghazalinz will be the trust measure of the success of our endeavours.

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Ghazali Premier College

More than 70 % students are studying at gpc on 100% scholarship

GPC start online classes for every one from 15 June so register your self  

our result is 100% from last five years 


admission closed for year 2020/21 . admission for 2021/22 will be started from December 2020.


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Higher education institutions are improving student performance through partnerships that focus on college and career readiness, online and blended learning, STEM education, competency-based education, and data and analytics.

Read these stories about successful learners and institutions across the country. We have an actual partnership with Pearson in terms of making things better for student.

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unlimited access for any student . you can study any class or course.

Expert Teacher

Professional faculty with experience all the faculty members all well trained 

Online Education

register yourself for free online classes before 15 June


We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life

Our college offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favored by some boards and the emphasis placed on final exams .

Our Teachers

Observation is the first and most powerful step towards changing teaching practices. Daily observation reveals a wealth of information about students, their competencies and skills, and the work of the teacher.

Muhammad Asif

Muhammad Asif

M.A Islamic Study
Tanzeel ur Rehman

Tanzeel ur Rehman

MSc Computer Science
Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman

MS Telecommunication
Husnain Javeed

Husnain Javeed

MSc Chemistry
Waqar Youns

Waqar Youns

MSc Mathematics